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I had a 2 hour session with Paul for my 8 month old puppy.. within half an hour she was a totally different dog.. he’s given the tools for us to go forward, helped with jumping up, lead pulling and general puppy behaviour.. it was great doing it in our environment to gain maximum effect.. it’s something that I now feel confident with going forward.. we completed a lot of both on and off the lead walk.. helped both me and my husband..
I can honestly say I have learnt more in 2 hours than I did in classes ., this was purely about my dogs needs.. I feel confident in recommending him to others.

Shanie & Steve King - Hatfield Peverel, Chelmsford

We’re so glad we came across Paul after having several trainers before and getting no where!! Paul has been amazing our cockapoo has a lot of bad problems due to me babying him and in first session Paul managed to correct his walking on lead (we only ever used a Cani collar or he would drag us down road) not used one since Paul came along! He has also massively corrected his reaction to door bell I can now open my door without him jumping up at door. And today after our second session we are now able to mow our grass without the dog trying to attack the lawn mower!! He really is great in what he does and after trying a few he is deffinately the best! Would highly recommend. He teaches you all the right methods for you to continue to use too and shows you which is such a great help! Thanks Paul!! We look forward to seeing you again to tackle more problems but we’re getting there.

Myself and my husband want to say a massive thank you to Paul and his gorgeous year old Border Terrier called Rosie.
We needed help with our beautiful but boisterous 13 week old Cockapoo. He’d been viscously biting my husband and doing the same on our walks with both of us. We were in desperate need of his help.
Well to our absolute amazement and only after a couple of hours of training, for us as well as our big boy Boris, his bad behaviour has completely changed.
Paul has given us the confidence to move forward correctly with Boris and we look forward to meeting them both again soon for help with off lead training. Paul was very professional and very good at what he does. He’s a lovely man and we would highly recommend him to anyone in need of his help.

Wendy Stewart - Leigh-on-Sea

I had a 2 hour session with my 7 year old dog Ellie. Her problem was every time I left the house she would literally scream and bark her head off.she would then pull she was not a pleasure to take for a walk that’s for sure.
Paul came to our rescue he spend some time just getting Ellie to calm down as she was very anxious along with excitement to get out the door. Then the moment came when he was able to move outside and walk her round the front garden with no noise then progressed up the road then we were off for a walk.
I now know the problem was me. I knew I had a problem but did not know how to rectify it. He has now given me the knowledge how to deal with this.
My husband can now take her out without barking but I still have to work with what paul taught me. There is a light at the end of the tunnel
Tonight we went for a walk and it was lovely
Thanks Paul

Wendy Andrews - Rochford

Was very pleased with The Pack and it was a pleasure to meet Paul, who gave us a lot of good advice on how to deal with our rather over boisterous pup! We will certainly be using The Pack again, for walking and possibly more ongoing advice. Have no hesitation in recommending this service.

Margaret Smith - Maldon

Paul came and was absolutely brilliant for my 8 month old German Shepard. He was really bad on lead at barking at other dogs and soon after Paul was here I was able to stand and talk to other people with dogs with out him barking anymore. Would highly recommend. Thank you Paul

Jake Gosling - Colchester

I've seen a huge difference in my 11 month old golden retriever Finch, after just one session with Paul @thepackessex. I could only walk him on a harness because of how strong he is, but after a two-hour session I've thrown the harness away! Finch has even stopped jumping up which is incredible. He now walks great on the lead and we've put in some rules at home to establish me as pack leader. Paul was great at explaining what I need to do and why I need to do and the results have been instant! I highly recommend the service and I'm looking forward to our session on recall.

Georgia Wilson - Harlow

Huge thank you to Paul at The Pack , we had training with him the weekend for 2 hours with our 4 Year old Basset Cross Dachshund Dorothy who was lunging and barking at every dog we went past for the last 2 years making walking her a nightmare. When we was out on our training we went past a dog within the first 2 minutes of leaving and she was barking & lunging – Paul took over and with a quick few adjustments he was in full control of Dorothy & no barking or lunging at any other dog! My partner and I were in total shock! Paul helped with my nerves which wasn’t helping while walking her. By the end of the training Dorothy’s confidence & mine were completely different I was relaxed & she was enjoying her walk with no barking . We have been on a few walks with Dorothy since the training & we have had no issues. Thank you Paul for all your help!

Beth Young - Billericay

We are so glad we went with Paul as he is brilliant at what he does and has really helped us with our Cockapoo Stanley. From the get go Paul was friendly and understood exactly what our worries and concerns were.
The great thing with Paul’s support is that he explained and ensured we understood where, what, why and how we were going wrong. The key part to know to be able to make any changes!
After the first session and taking onboard the advice Paul gave us, we saw instant changes and even more so after a couple weeks of being consistent. Stanley behaves so differently and so much better to how he did before we saw Paul.
We would highly recommend Paul and would definitely recommend that any new puppy owners schedule in some sessions as soon as possible. Paul will be able to give you all the right information and advice you need to be able to train your dog from the start. You will get a lot more information, guidance and support than from any puppy classes.
Thank you so much again for all your help.

Danielle Hart - Braintree

A massive thank you to Paul I had a 2 hour session with him & Rosie is one year old terrier today helping with my daughters 14 week old shitzu, we gained so much knowledge from him to go forward training the puppy. I would not hesitate to recommend Paul to other puppy/dog owners nothing is too much trouble for him and he answers all your questions and you come away knowing what he told you all makes sense and you can see light at the end of the tunnel. Once again thank you Paul

Sue Stubbs - Upminster

I have 2 very noisy and anxious dogs and walking them was getting increasingly difficult - and quite frankly embarrassing! Both dogs are crossed with Terriers and the older one (7) had been teaching the younger one (2) all her insecurities and bad habits. Paul sussed them both out and turned their behaviours around really quickly and gave me lots of advice on how to get the same results on my own. This included managing them better within the home as well as out walking. Paul is a very pleasant man to deal with whilst remaining professional and focused on achieving the best results. I would certainly recommend Paul to anyone at the end of their tether with the bad behaviour of their much loved but challenging pups. I will have no hesitation in using his services again in the future if needed.

Zena Osterberg - Leigh-on-Sea

I have a 11 month old cockapoo. He was extremely nervous and unconfident. He was barking and anti social towards other dogs through fear.
He was also disobedient indoors when it came to guarding and people knocking on the door.
Paul was punctual, polite and helpful. Milo instantly listened to Paul and he’s helped him so much. We can now walk him off the lead and have some confidence in ourselves now we know what to do.
Highly recommend 5 STAR*

Sandra Jane - Hockley

I recommend using Paul to help with any problems you may have with your dog. He recently helped with my 4 month miniature Schnoodle who was crying most of the time when out walking & very nervous of traffic . Paul has taught me techniques to improve this & he is now walking much better & crying less each day & much improvement on busy roads. He has also helped with the constant jumping up when visitors come to the house & nipping them. My puppy is also coming on recall which he has never done before. I am now able to put all these techniques into practice. Thank you Paul

Elaine Teasel - Maldon

Really pleased with my decision to hire Paul regarding how to handle my high energy/anxious 2 year old Cockapoo who I believe was in danger of getting into trouble with other dogs on walks. He made an almost immediate impact on my dog’s behaviour, which resulted in the kind of walk I always wished for ... no pulling, no barking, no growling, just nice calm behaviour. I will definitely be asking Paul to come again for help with issues inside the home. Highly recommended.

Mandy Rawlings - West Mersea

A massive thank you to Paul at The Pack for helping me out with recall on my 10 month puppy. Within 2hours he had calmed her down and taught me how to get her back without panicking. Walks will now be a joy rather than a stress.

Karen Stacey - Brentwood

Paul was excellent with our puppy and got her walking on the lead much better and she is not barking as much now on walks. Would definitely recommend.

Chris P - Buckhurst Hill

Paul was fantastic today, an honest and totally effective session which has made me look forward to my next walk with Bonzo to put him to the test! Having had him as a rescue only for two weeks, the bad habits had begun to show. Over reactive, barking at other dogs and some pulling on the lead - one session with Paul today has shown that this is all simple to correct with the right attitude and discipline. Would 100% recommend, thanks so much!

Anna Reeve - Braintree

“The Pack Essex” came to our house to teach our new Puppy & ended up teaching two out of our 3 Dogs, he gave us amazing tips. We have a 5 month old English Springer, a 4 year old Pug & a two year old French Bulldog. He managed to get our puppy interacting with our older Dogs with no issues. He calmed our Frenchy down and showed us how to make sure he doesn’t go over the top with our new Puppy & vise versa. Honestly cannot say a bad word about “The Pack Essex”. Plus he thinks our Pug “Teddy” is amazing. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.

Linda Dennis - Loughton

Just had a 2 hour session with my dog Patch, who was very aggressive to all other dogs. Patch now walks calmly and with a quick correction didn't react to other dogs and even sniffed one nicely!! We were shocked! this has changed our life now and we can take him to more places without worrying, very happy! Thank you Paul

Carla Varma - Brentwood

Absolutely can’t recommend Paul enough! Thank you so much so all the advice you have given us. We have been given reassurance and the confidence we needed to carry on our journey with Shelby

Charlotte & Andy Hoy - Colchester

We have a 14 week old Frenchie, and we first met Paul when our puppy was 10 weeks old. From the first meet Paul made us feel so relaxed and he gave so many tips and guidance that really helped us feel confident as puppy owners and which also helped Obi. At 14 weeks we’ve just had our first off lead walk with Paul, who again made everything seem so relaxed and simple. I couldn’t recommend Paul @thepackessex (plus his dog Rosie) enough He’s made our puppy experience so much easier and enjoyable. Thanks so much Paul, from Kate, Dal and of course Obi.

Kate Dobinson - Billericay

First visit today from Paul to help with a very excitable Border Collie. What a difference after a couple hours, it was like have a different dog. Paul explained everything in depth with a friendly confident manner. My dog normally doesn't like men but Paul really helped her feel and ease. After speaking to Paul we are more confident now going forward, can't wait until her next session. Highly Recommend

James Douglas Moore - Colchester

Paul came round on a Sunday which was fantastic for us. He was brilliant and was so knowledgeable he really helped us with our 4 month old pug. He came with us on a dog walk and we took the dog off the lead which was brilliant. Would highly recommend.

Ben - Colchester

What a nice man, super helpful, knowledgeable and friendly. It was a pleasure to have him come help with our very excitable puppy. Highly recommend.

Cheryl Hazell - Chelmsford

Paul helped us with our 14 week old cockapoo, Hudson. We needed some help with his biting and general behaviour around going outside on walks and giving other dogs personal space! Paul came to our home and instantly corrected Hudson when he noticed his biting and it worked a treat. His advice on leads vs. harnesses was very insightful and prompted us to go out and buy a slip lead that same day! Hudson now walks beautifully on the lead thanks to Paul and he gave us some great advice to move forward with. Great guy, very knowledgeable and willing to help as much as possible. Highly recommend!

Shelley G - Brentwood

Can’t recommend Paul enough. He first met Nobby at my home, & was a wealth of information & encouragement. Lots of advice & instruction on how to train & educate my 13 week old puppy. Second visit was over the park with his dog Rosie. His help has been invaluable from crate training/toilet training/nipping/recall/lead training. Looking forward to enjoying a content well behaved puppy thanks to Paul’s guidance now.

Katie Cannell - Rainham

Had a session today with Paul and my unruly 1 year old pugpom. Paul was instantly able to control Bailey and show her who was in charge. Paul made me feel instantly confident with taking charge to control and calm her down when approaching other dogs and people which is hers and mine biggest issue.
Paul was so friendly and understanding and not in the least bit judgmental. I would definitely recommend Paul if you have a dog and yourself that needs the help!
Thanks again Paul!

Highly recommend. I have a 11 month old shihtzu, who had a few little behaviour issues, which the ways I would have corrected for my Labrador was not the right ways for my shihtzu. The Pack has taught me what I need to do to teach my shihtzu, and already I can see a difference. Thank you Paul.

Jennifer Wright - Colchester

Highly recommend Paul he helped me with my 2 year old Woody who despite not wanting to go walkies at all was pulling on the lead. Paul taught me how to get Woody excited for walkies and also how to walk with him to prevent pulling. Great improvement thank you Paul

Paul came to help with my six month old puppy Harley today. I can’t believe the difference already and I cannot recommend enough ! He’s very friendly and helpful and non judgemental! I really am amazed thank you x

Chloe Williams - Colchester

Paul has really helped us with our 18 month harrier hound called Max and has helped to highlight what we have done wrong and what we need to do to condition Max.
Can see the benefits straight away especially with how he walks on a lead!
Was happy to talk and to understand how our dog reacts to certain scenarios.

Luke Waller - Colchester

Paul and the lovely Rosie came to help with our German Shepherd puppy Roxy. We never would have had the confidence to let her off lead if it hadn't been for Paul and in a short space of time Roxy was coming back to us when called and had a fantastic time!
Thanks again Paul and of course Rosie

Carl Pope - Southend

Just had the best walk thanks to The Pack! Absolutely mastered walking etiquette and recall! Thank you so much Paul!

Harriet Daisy - Brentwood

Absolutely loved the training, I was a first time puppy mum and meeting Paul really put me at ease!! I felt confident on how to teach my puppy, also did some off lead training which was so helpful! 100% recommended! Thank you :)

Keely Griffin - Maldon

Would definitely recommend Paul for anyone needing help with their dogs! He completely changed the behaviour of our puppy both at home and out walking on his lead. He gives you all the tips and confidence to carry on training at home. Also a really friendly guy and always on time.

Laura Ellmore - Braintree

Paul recently helped me with my Irish doodle. She was cheekily stealing food the 2nd I turned my back! She was jumping up on everyone with excitement, at 6 months she was already really big and becoming hard for my mum to handle on walks. After just one session the was enormous improvements. The 2nd session really implemented the hard work and today I completed our 3rd and final session. Paul has given me the confidence to continue th hard work and my dog is behaving better than I could have hoped for! Highly recommend The Pack Essex!

Aimee Higgins - Epping

Highly recommend Paul!

We’ve had 3 sessions with him and Nigel is like a different dog! His barking has massively improved and he just seems a clam happy comfortable dog!

We can walk without him barking at everyone and every dog now and it feels amazing!

I can’t thank Paul enough for his hard work and help!

Emily Cane - Upminster

We would highly recommend Paul from The Pack- Essex, he truly is a dog whisperer!
We contacted Paul when our 4 month old Cavapoo started displaying signs of guarding and would bark continuously at people and other dogs. After a one 2 hour session with Paul her behaviour improved hugely. We have also had lead and off lead training and again these sessions have been so beneficial, with instant results!
Paul is a great trainer and very knowledgeable. He has not only changed our lives for the better, but he has also given me so much more confidence. Thank you!!!

Kirsteen Parker - Stock

My husband and I had a session with Paul for our 9 month springer spaniel pup. Paul really helped and life with our pup is so much better and we now have calmer and happier walks. Can’t recommend Paul enough!
Denise Rawlinson

Denise Rawlinson - Billericay

Even if you LOVE dogs, one hour with Paul makes you realise you really don’t know that much about them our Airedale terrier boy Ollie is a stubborn, mischievous little guy, who we thought was hard to train, but he was putty in Paul’s hands! Paul has taught us to to reset the dynamics of our relationship with Ollie, preparing him for a world after lockdown when we’ll want to take him everywhere with us with the confidence that we can make sure he’s under control. Thanks to Paul, we’re getting there! Plus, the recall training with Paul and Rosie was really fun. Would really recommend his services!

Emma Blint - Basildon

Would highly recommend Paul "The Pack - Essex" to anyone looking for dog training help. As first time dog owners we were unsure about which advise to follow as so many conflicting stories out there and so got in touch with Paul. So pleased we did as the results were instant, from calming down at meal times, to crate training, walking, body language etc. Paul has been amazing.
He has helped give us so much confidence in how we treat our 5 month old cockerpoo, Lola that we cannot thank him enough. Both us and Lola are now far more relaxed and happy.

Andy George - Billericay